fredag, december 19, 2008

I dessa resetider

Har nämnt det innan, men TSA ger jag inte mycket för. Och detta bara förstärks när man läser Schneier's blogg om säkerhet:

So here's the scene. I park inside the parking garage area in my company truck. I carry my 30 pound toolbox and a large cardboard box, about 2 1/2 feet long with parts for a broiler to be repaired. I go to a restaurant outside the security zone and pick up an "escort", typically a kid of maybe 25 years old. I obviously can't go through the TSA checkpoint, as they'd have absolute conniptions about my tools and large parts. So, without ever having to show ID, or even looking at what I may have in the large cardboard box or my large metal toolbox, the escort takes me down an elevator, out onto the tarmac, past waiting planes pulled up to the terminal, back inside the terminal building and coming out on the other side of the TSA checkpoint, then off to the restaurant to be repaired. Then, when I'm done, they escort my out the normal way, past the TSA screening area, with my toolbox and large
cardboard box in hand. No one bats an eye as to what might have transpired or how my stuff magically appeared on the "secure" side and is now leaving right in front of them.

Galet... Därför är det svårt att ha respekt för TSA mer än vad som behövs för att de skall släppa in en på flygplatsen.

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